Bake animation to bone
This script is designed to bake all your animation in the bones. If you work in the game industry, this script you will be very useful. Because it allows you to optimize your scene in such engines like Unity or Unreal engine. Instead of having to stage a lot of objects, we will be able to load them as one. Very useful when simulating breaking RDB. -- Script fuction Bake your animation on bones for every object
Bone on spline
Animates bone on spline. It will be useful when the animation: worm, snake, or something like that. Last update 30.06.2015 3ds max 2014-2016
Tracks Simulator
Tracks Simulator is simulation tracks on spline or KeyFrame animation -- Auto creation track -- Auto animation tracks (forward,back,left,right) -- Bake simulation or simulation realtime -- Left or Right tracks side change
Export Camera to UE4
Just select cameras(without target) and run the script. Script will create "Bake Cameras". Then you will need to export all cam in fbx(-z) and import in UE4.
FBX Export Helper
Helps to export selected objects to fbx, with a certain time interval
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